Gianluigi Buffon completed a return to Juventus on the 4th of July and have taken to his Instagram page to explained his decision of reverting to the Bianconeri.

He said: “I decided to come back. Because when your family calls you cannot answer “present”. A new path of my long journey begins. I return to the place that I have always loved to call “home” and I do it with unchanged courage, boundless affection and incredible determination.”

“It’s a new beginning. In some way different from what it was but rich in the same emotions and the same joy. I go back to Turin because I know I can be useful. I come back because a Lady’s invitation cannot be refused. I’m back because this is my home!” Buffon added.

The Italian Legend revert to the club this summer after his contract at Paris Saint-Germain ran out at the end of last season. He rejoined the club on a free transfer following his rejection of a proposal from Barcelona.

In an interview that Buffon gave to Sky Sports, he said: ​ “It is a great satisfaction for the age I have, the career that I have pursued and incredible life. It is a beautiful and exciting career as I wanted it, we put something of our own.

“Against Verona, we hope it is a good return and it is a beautiful day for everyone. If it will be for everyone it will be for me too. How do I manage little play? Dualism is inappropriate, things were clear, I accepted them without a doubt.

“I wanted to return and share other emotions, with the managers and the people of Juve, the thrust for which they are competing. I accepted this role, it was a bit limited in the field but there are many other small nuances were having an important space and having satisfaction. Until let’s start in September, I’m fine physically and psychologically, let’s move on.”

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