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Football Betting Glossary

When you first enter the world of football betting, it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of betting terms to master, and understanding the various elements of betting terms can seriously affect your enjoyment of the games. Taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the various terms and phrases will help you to feel more comfortable and sound like a serious punter even while you learn the ropes.

Sports betting terms may be difficult to understand, and the more you bet, the more words you'll want to master. Supatips has you covered with this glossary of terms to help you increase your betting IQ as online sports betting becomes legal in the United States, the United Kingdom, and more states across the world.

Why is it essential to understand the terms?

There was a time when most online bookmakers just provided win/draw/win and goals markets, but it seems like a distant memory given as the world's largest sportsbooks offer more than 100 betting choices every single game. More traditional punters are unwilling to take chances and normally stick to well-known markets, but there is now a large number of bettors keen to test out new betting alternatives and see whether they can be utilized to produce consistent profit.

With new betting terms appearing almost daily in the online betting cuisine, even the most experienced punters have difficulty understanding the latest terms, so imagine how a player new to the online betting world feels when he first encounters terms like outright bet, system bets, or forecast. Understanding the present scenario in the online betting industry, our betting specialists have done their best to uncover all of the football betting terms that may cause some confusion among football punters in order to develop a one-of-a-kind football betting glossary.

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The Goal of Our Betting Terms

Our soccer betting glossary includes complete explanations of less common betting words, detailing their essential characteristics, advantages and downsides, and letting you know in what capacity that specific betting market is often utilized. While online bookmakers frequently reference phrases included in our betting dictionary, they rarely give explanations for the terms, forcing bettors to explore the web for specific meanings.

Instead of wasting time looking for the definitions of betting terms, you can just check our comprehensive soccer betting glossary and learn everything there is to know about the new market or style of betting you have met. The dictionary will be updated on a regular basis to include all of the most recent betting terms, ensuring that you are constantly up to date with the newest advancements in the online gambling business.

Sports Betting Terms & Glossary

Accumulator (ACCA) Bet

An accumulator bet is one bet made up of multiple selections that are combined in one bet. The ACCA bet more legs (selections), and to win it, all of your selections need to win. If one of the legs loses, you will lose the whole wager. They are very popular wagers because you have the potential of winning a high payout.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is a way of betting that originates in Asia and mostly used in football. Handicap means that one team has a virtual lead over the other side.

Combination Bet

A combination bet is where you place multiple bets on your selections to eliminate the risk and to maximise the potential gain. It is a full coverage bet so even if one selection loses, the entire bet won't be lost (like in an accumulator). A combination bet is where you place multiple bets on your selections to eliminate the risk and to maximise the potential gain. It is a full coverage bet so even if one selection loses, the entire bet won't be lost (like in an accumulator).

Double Chance

Double Chance refers to when you back two outcomes in one bet. This type of bet doesn't have the best odds, but it has a higher chance of winning.

Draw No Bet

“Draw No Bet” is a type of bet, you would win if your team earns a victory, and you would get your money back if the match ends in a draw. It's a popular bet type because the draw outcome doesn’t affect your wager.

Each Way

Each Way betting mostly in Horse Racing, but bookies offer it in Outright Football bets. You place two stakes with the same amount (doubled stake) on one team to win, and a team to place. You get a more significant return if both outcomes win, but even if only one does, you still take that part of the wager.


An Even Bet is a type of bet place on even odds. An example of even odds is 2.0 or 50/50. It is prevalent, and many bookmakers offer new customers promotions if they place a qualifying bet on even odds.

Half Time

A bet that involves the Punter correctly predicting the result of a match at half time.

Half Time/Full Time

In this HT/FT bet, you predict both the result after the first half and the result after the second half. To win your wager, both of the outcomes need to be correct.


Over/Under bets let you bet if a specific event in the match like the total number of goals, or other types of numbered statistic. You bet on whether the game will result in over or under the amount shown on the bet.


The simplest of all bets is the single. You only have to predict a single event correctly, so winning is higher than if you placed an ACCA.

Void Bet

There are many reasons why Void bets exist. For example, if the match is canceled due to weather or any other purpose, your bets are void, meaning that your stake would be returned to you, and it would be like you never place the wager in the first place.

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