Privacy Policy For Supatips

It is critical to protect your personal information in this era of digital connectivity. Your privacy is our first priority at, and we're committed to making sure that any information you submit to us is secure. Our privacy statement aims to provide you with information about how we gather and safeguard your personal data while giving you authority over it.

What We Collect

When you choose to register on our platform, we gather essential information through our registration form. This includes:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone Number
  • Country

Additionally, we may collect personally identifiable information, such as Android Advertising Id, Device IDs, or unique identifiers, to enhance your user experience while utilizing our services.

Why We Collect Data

Our data collection is purposeful and transparent. We collect the aforementioned data during the registration process to create your account, ensuring a seamless web experience. The information we seek is vital for optimal website usage and user experience enhancement.

  • Name and E-mail: Securely stored on our servers, we may use them to send you relevant information and updates about our website if you have opted to receive emails.
  • Country Information: Utilized to present accurate timing for sports events based on your location and timezone, along with setting your language preferences.
  • App Unique Identifiers: Stored for analytical purposes and to retain your preferences in our apps.
  • Phone Number: Securely stored on our servers, we may use them to send you relevant information and updates about our website, as well as to contact you if necessary.

Fortifying Your Security

We prioritize the security of your information by employing a variety of measures. Our website utilizes HTTPS for connection security, and we do not share your personal information with third parties.

Controlling your personal information

You retain full control over the information entered during registration. Access, edit, or delete it at your discretion. Here's how:

  • Access Your Data: Log in to the website and access all stored data on your profile page.
  • Delete Your Data: Request profile deletion by emailing [email protected], and your data will be promptly removed.
  • Edit Your Data: If changes are needed, email [email protected] with your request.
  • Opt-out of Newsletter: Unsubscribe by following instructions in our newsletters or emailing [email protected].


Understanding the role of cookies is crucial when using our websites, mobile sites, or mobile apps. Cookies are small text bits downloaded to your device, enhancing your browsing experience. Here's a breakdown:

  • Essential Cookies: Maintain your session, keep you logged in, and facilitate smooth navigation.
  • Improving Your Experience: Customize settings like language and time zone, providing an enhanced user experience
  • Third-Party Cookies: Associated with domains like Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and others. You can choose to accept or reject them, tailoring your experience.


At, we strive to deliver high-quality service free of charge. Advertisements play a crucial role, and we use platforms like Google AdSense and Criteo for ads. Understand how personalized ads work and your options:

  • Third-Party Cookies: Set by advertising networks for personalized ads.
  • Opting-out of Personalized Ads: Adjust your browser settings or visit Your Online Choices site.

Beyond the Basics

We also collect information through social media widgets and utilize email tracking for certain communications. Understand the nuances:

  • Social Media Features: Information collection governed by the privacy policies of respective organizations.
  • Email Tracking: Implemented for analyzing email traffic and user engagement.

Links To Other Websites

While our website may contain links to other sites, we relinquish control once you leave our platform. Be vigilant about the privacy practices of external websites.

For additional information, refer to our Terms & Conditions. If you have queries regarding this Privacy Policy, contact us at [email protected]. Your privacy matters, and we're committed to ensuring a secure and transparent online experience.